Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snappy Recap: September

September is National Sewing Month. At the beginning of the month, I wanted to dedicate this month to some quality time with Lorainne. And quality time we did have, along with a few choice curse words. Did I get everything I wanted to sew done? Of course not, but considering this is really the first time I've dedicated a month to sewing, I'm proud of myself and my creations. Over the past few months, my sewing has improved. However, my first quilt is still a daunting task that continues to frighten me with all its layers!

 I made a needle case, not only to organize my several crochet needles but also to hold any current projects. It is so nice to be able to find all of my crochet needles in one place. In the past I had one in every purse, my car, top drawer of my dresser...ridiculous!

I made an iPod arm band for when I work out, because well I refuse to spend $30 on a device I made for $3. I did have to change out the elastic since mine ended up being too tight.

I refashioned a long-sleeve shirt into a cardigan. I've been debating weather or not adding buttons. For the time being, it is super comfy to wear this fall!

My favorite project this month was the owl pillow I made for my aunt Linnea's birthday! I love him and miss him dearly but am so glad he has found a happy place to reside. I have several owl pillows cut and pinned, and just need to be sewed. The new flock will be available soon on my Etsy shop!

This fun yoga mat carrier I created, makes going to yoga more enjoyable. Everything I need fits inside, including my wallet, keys, and phone, therefore no fumbling over multiple bags.

The circle skirt I recreated for myself, is so much fun, because you are never too old to twirl! And twirling I do!

I can't believe it will be October tomorrow! My first quilt still needs to be conquered! But smaller quilts will have to suffice in the mean time, 4 families on our block just had babies, along with 3 teachers I works with. Not to forget two of my best friend's sisters are pregnant!

These first couple of weeks of September are going to be related to baby projects! What homemade item do you wish you got as a gift for your newborn?

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