Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Refashioning A Long-sleeve Into A Cardigan

I love this shirt, however being busty, I didn't like the way the stripes landed on my body. I wasn't ready to give it up since it is so comfortable! Plus as a cardigan it is more versatile, and can be worn with both denim and yoga pants.

Here is the shirt before being refashioned.

First, I folded the shirt lengthwise, with the front side up. This allowed me to position where I was going to cut the shirt.

Here is the shirt cut down the middle.

Next, I pinned both sides where I wanted to hem the edges of the front. Lorianne and I have been having tension problems, despite many attempts at many levels. I ended up hemming the edges using Heat 'n Bond. I applied the Heat 'n Bond with my flatiron, because why lug out the ironing board, if not needed? However, if you and your sewing machine are getting along, two straight stitches would suffice for hems.

Finished product. Please excuse the "in the mirror" photo, no one was home to photograph me!

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