Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY: Circle Skirt

I found this great tutorial on making a circle skirt, here. I made one in the past for the girl I nanny, and have been dying to make one for me as well. I used the same idea as the tutorial listed, however I used two different kinds of fabrics, because, one, I didn't have enough fabric to make the full doughnut shape, and, two, I liked the idea of multiple patterns.

 First, to make the template. I taped four pieces of 12inches by 12 inches of card stock together. Using the template idea listed in the tutorial, I measured my waist. My waist is almost 40 inches + 2 inches for elastic give, divided by 6.28. Remember geometry? I don't either, but the original tutorial explains it a lot better than I do.

42 / 6.28 = 6.7 inches. Using a measuring tape, I measured an arch 6.7 inches from the corner of the template. I then measured another arch 17.5 inches from the first arch.

And Cut.

When lining up the fabric, I discovered I didn't have enough to make a full doughnut shape, so I cut off three inches for the trim.

I used safety pins to hold the template to the fabric and cut.

Here is everything, all cut, and ready to sew!

First, I ironed the hem for the bottom edge.

And sewed the hem and the four pieces together.

Here is the bottom fabric all sewn together!

Pin the bottom fabric to the underside of the main fabric.

And sew! (Please excuse the bad manicure!)

Yay! The hard part is done!

Pin and sew the elastic to the waist of the hip. Making sure the elastic is taut, stretch it as you sew to make sure it stays flat against the fabric.

A fun and flirty new skirt for fall! Plus, you are never too old to twirl in a skirt.

Happy Sewing,

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