Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brew at the Zoo

My friend Chandi and I had a wonderful time Friday night at Denver's Brew at the Zoo. This event featured dozens of Colorado's microbreweries and restaurants. For a flat fee you got to sample beers and food from across the state. We spent the night laughing, catching up with acquaintances, and dodging awkward run-ins with high school peers. After a few samples things turned into a scavenger hunt (at least for me), where I began to see how many stickers and bottle openers I could collect from the sample tents!

Beer samples we tried included:
  • Swift from Fat Tire Brewery
  • Baltic Gnome from Rock Bottom Brewing
  • Ariadnes Blonde from Lone Tree Brewery
  • Colorado Native from AC Golden Brewing
  • Laughing Lab from Bristol Brewing
  • Indian Peaks from Walnut Room Brewery
  • American ESP from Crazy Mountain Brewing
  • Black Swan from Twisted Pine Brewing
  • Special ESB from Ska Brewing

Bristol Brewing provided tattoos, so they were an automatic favorite. We applied them with the wet naps I found at the bottom of my purse. Sometimes being a nanny for a living has its benefits!

After so much beer samples we capitalized on food samples when allowed, especially Smashburger.  Smashburger saved us from being completely hot messes. It was neat to be at the zoo at night however, the darkness made it hard to see the animals.

 Bodi the elephant.
I don't now why I assumed giraffes stand while sleeping but I was wrong! I'd never seen a giraffe sit before!

This event became a quick tradition in our book! I can't wait until next year!

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