Saturday, August 18, 2012

Refashioning an Oxford into a Dress

I was inspired to make an Oxford shirt into a dress on Pinterest, via Ali Foster. However I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for the pattern (sorry Ali!), so I took matters into my own hands.

I found a men's  XL Oxford shirt at Goodwill for $4.99! Not to worry, I am wearing shorts under the shirt. Thanks mom for taking my picture!

 First, I had to figure out how I was going to go about this...

I decided to use a tank top I have as a template for where to cut the arm and neck holes.

I cut one side and folded the shirt in half and cut the other side.

Now that the shirt has lost its arms, I had to figure out how to cut the neck. I forgot to photograph this part. First, I cut off the collar. I slipped the tank over the Oxford, and cut the neck line along the tank leaving room for seam allowance.

Turning the shirt inside out, I folded the seams back, flattening them with a flat iron (who wants to lug out the iron and ironing board?!?), and pinned them.

Here's how it looks with all the seams pinned. Then sew the seams.

After the seams of the neck and arm holes were sewn, with the shirt inside out, I took in the sides. I took the shirt in 2 1/2 inches on each side by sewing a line down the shirt.

I cut the sides closest to the new seam.

Finished product! I added a lace sash for texture contrast. I'm really excited to wear this dress over leggings this fall.

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