Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slumber Party Cupcakes

I have been obsessed with making fun cupcakes for all occasions ever since "Hello, Cupcake!" hit the shelves in 2008. The girl I nanny hosted a slumber party last night to celebrate her 7th birthday, and these individualized cupcakes were a hit!
Using regular cake mix, I baked 6 vanilla cupcakes in white liners for the slumber party cupcakes. In lieu of using oil, I use applesauce in all my baking because, one, I am allergic to canola oil, and two, fruit in a cupcake won't hurt anyone!
While the cupcakes baked, I began working on the decorations. Since the party had a hippie theme to it, the child asked if I could make the "sleeping bags" tie-dye. In order to do so, I melted four Laffy Taffys (one of each color) together for 15 seconds. This allowed the colors to not only be mixed, but also, the Laffy Taffy is easier to work with once softened. Once softened, I rolled out the Laffy Taffys onto parchment paper. To keep the Laffy Taffys from sticking to the rolling pin, I oiled it up!
2012-06-08 12.08.15.jpg
 2012-06-08 12.18.45.jpg2012-06-08 12.47.03.jpg

Once The Laffy Taffy was rolled to a thickness, that I was pleased with, using a pizza cutter, I cut the Laffy Taffy into squares for the blankets of the cupcakes. For the trim of the cupcakes, I used bright colored Airheads to off-set the wildness of the "tie-dye". I attached the trim to the blanket using frosting. assemble the "bodies" of the cupcakes you will need one marshmallow (cut-lengthwise), a mini vanilla wafer, and 2 jelly beans for each. Once the cupcakes, have cooled, frost them with vanilla icing. The icing will serve as the glue to hold the bodies to the cupcakes. One half of the marshmallow will serve as the pillow, while the other will be the body. Two jelly beans are the feet, and the mini vanilla wafer is the head. I used 6 mini vanilla wafers as placements for the heads, so I had an idea of where to put the decorated ones. Place blankets over the bodies and continue with decorating the faces.

I decorated each cupcakes, to look like each girl attending and for that I needed 3 different hair colors: red, blonde, and brunette. I placed a small amount of vanilla frosting into three seal-able plastic snack bags. Adding food coloring to each bag allowed my to make the different shades I wanted. I was careful to cut a small hole in a corner of each bag to allow for easy piping of colors.I decorated each sleeping face and the beginning of the hair on a flat surface before placing into the cupcake for finishing touches. For the lips, I used a touch of red frosting with the help of a toothpick. Once all was assembled and decorated I attached a teddy graham or snack cookie bunny onto the cupcakes with a bit of frosting.

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