Monday, August 12, 2013

So you've been summoned for jury duty...

I went 8 years without getting a jury summons until this summer. Of course, being the reasonable person that I am, I was selected to be a juror on a homicide trial. Luckily, I already had the week off of work, so the timing wasn't an inconvenience. However, being a juror is the most exhausting thing: mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Since during the first day of summons you have no idea how long you'll be there, I've compiled a list of things to bring to help you through the day.

What to bring:

- a book or puzzle book
- iPad/ nook/ kindle
- headphones
- water bottle
- snacks
- Chapstick
- Advil
- pen and pencil
- a packed lunch or money to buy lunch in the area
- lots of patience

If you get selected to be a juror, it is a trying feat, however it is a unique view into our justice system. 

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