Monday, January 7, 2013

Crochet Octopus Pattern

Meet Ollie. He is my favorite new sea creature!

At first I was planning on crocheting a bear, however half way through the head I decided this shade of purple wasn't fit for a bear, hence Ollie!

I adapted the bear patten found here.

Sc= Single chain
Inc= Increase (double)
Dec= Decrease (skip)


4 SC in adjustable ring
Inc every sc (8)
Inc every sc (16)
Inc every other sc (24)
Inc every 3rd sc (32)
Inc every 4th sc (40)

Sc across (40)
Sc across (40)
Sc across (40)
Sc across (40)
Sc across (40)
Sc across (40)

Dec every 4th (32)
Dec every 3rd (24)
Dec every other (16)

*now is a good time to stuff the head*

Dec every other (8)
Dec every sc (4)

Close the head


Sc 30, turn
Sc 30, turn
Sc 30

*the legs naturally curl*

I attached the legs to the body with a knot.

For the face, I used embroidery thread and a needle to create the eyes and smile. Although his smile is a bit crooked, his face it too cute not to love!

I'm thinking an elephant for my next crochet project!

Happy Hooking!


  1. I love Ollie!! He turned out so cute :) Thanks for linking him to the weekly creative! Have a great week Katie!


    1. I love Ollie too! I'm afraid he needs friend though!

  2. Oh, so cute!! You did an awesome job. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent.