Monday, August 20, 2012

In Lust: Fancy Tiger Crafts

Today, while journeying down Broadway I stopped into Fancy Tiger Crafts. As soon as a stepped through the door I fell in love and became obsessed. This store was made for me. I wandered the shelves of fabric bundles, organized by hue, mesmerized by the textures, patterns, and color combinations. Across from the fabric was (almost) ceiling high selves stuffed with every shade of yard imaginable. I'm still in awe.

Photo credit: Fancy Tiger Crafts

Located at 56 Broadway, this wonderful abode hosts all things needle craft created, from sewing and quilting, knitting and crocheting, to spinning and loom work. I could get lost in this store for hours. Hell, my mind is still lost in that store. They provide classes in all of the above for a reasonable price.

While more expensive than more common crafting store like Micheal's and Joann's, the quality is in the product. The fabric feels richer than its counterparts. The yarn is made from genuine wool, rather than mixed fibers. Needless to say, I'm in lust, and on the brink of love.

Here's what I got away with. 6 yards of fabric in 4 different patterns, and a skein of baby alpaca yarn.

Delhi Blue Ty Pennington Impressions
An impulse buy at the counter while I was paying, but well worth it! I'm thinking a dress or messenger bag!

Pineapple Harleq Turquoise Palmer
I'm thinking a dress or skirt for this beauty. Perfect for the fall months!

Foulard Teal Victoria & Albert Garthwaite
I'm so excited to make an end of the summer bow clutch with this gorgeous fabric!

Fine Feathered Whisper Anna Maria Horner Field Study
This is my personal favorite fabric find of the day. I want to make everything out of it! But, for starters I'm going to start with a pocketed tee or tank!

I fell in love with this alpaca yarn. Better yet, it's from Cascade Yarns in Seattle, another love of mine. No wonder it jumped out at me, even though I didn't know it's origin until I got home. Warm mittens for the Colorado winter to come!

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