Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Maxi Skirt

With fall coming, back-to-school sales are continuously calling my name. However, my current budget doesn't allow for my dream shopping spree. Ho hum. I stopped at Goodwill today to hopefully fix my shopping itch.

I found this cute dress, by Forever 21, for $4.99. However, in all honesty my boobs won't fit into the top of the dress. I walked around the store three times and couldn't get the fabulous tribal print out of my mind, so I decided to transform it into a maxi skirt.

I cut the top of the dress off, attempting to cut evenly along the pattern.

To make the dress into a skirt I attached it to elastic (not stretched). I measured my waist and added 2 inches. The extra inches allow for seam allowance and makes the skirt easier to get on and off.  Fold the elastic in half and sew allowing a 1/2 inch allowance.

Fold the extra tabs of the elastic back and sew flat.

After looking for my straight pins for 10 minutes, I then folded the fabric over the elastic loop and pinned in place.

I sewed the elastic along the bottom edge of it, grabbing the fabric along the way. Loraine (my sewing machine) and I got into a fight half way through the skirt, where I had to rip the seam and start over, but it was worth it!

Cute and comfy skirt!!

Cost: $7.00 (dress and elastic) Time: 15 minutes

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