Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Helpful Clothespins: DIY

My life is kinda a hot mess right now. By hot mess, I feel that I am just extremely disorganized. I needed something to help me distinguish stuff on my bulletin board. I remember seeing similar decorated clothespins at a friend's house and thought "why would you spend money on those when they seem so easy to do yourself"!
2012-05-23 22.50.09.jpg

What you need:
2012-05-23 20.48.44.jpg- clothespins
-card stock/ scrap-booking paper
- stickers (optional)
-mod podge (is there anything it can't do?)
-paint brush
-paper cutter/ scissors
-measuring tape

First, I measured the length and width of my clothespins so the correct dimensions were cut. Clothespins measure to 4/5 inch (1 cm) by 3 1/4 inch. Using my paper cutter I cut my card stock. I chose solid card stock since my board is already patterned.
2012-05-23 20.50.00.jpg2012-05-23 20.51.27.jpg

Using a paint brush, spread an even layer of mod podge over the clothes pin and line up the paper strips, just so. Press the paper down firmly to avoid air bubbles. Seal the paper strips with another layer of mod podge. Let dry for five minutes. I added stickers to my clothespins to personalize them more. After adhering the stickers, I added another layer of mod podge Let fully dry before turning over to the other side.
2012-05-23 20.59.03.jpg2012-05-23 21.06.53.jpg                  

Ta-DA! Happy organizing!
2012-05-23 22.50.09.jpg

Project cost: $2.00 Project time: 30 minutes

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