Monday, February 7, 2011

an affair to remember...

Through my life thus far, my greatest affair has always been with cheese. Realistically, this affair is a love/ hate relationship. Let's face it, cheese is my favorite animal by product, but it also the cause of unwanted installation. This affair goes beyond Cheddar and Swiss, but reaches into the depths of Brie and Gouda. However my current favorite is cream cheese.

The US Department of Agriculture defines cream cheese as a soft cheese being marketed at no less than 33% milk fat. One word--yummy. So it's not the healthiest choice I've made today (apart from that wedge of brie and crackers for breakfast). But this goes beyond being a bagel topping or frosting option.

When I was living in Seattle, late night street vendors would serve hot dogs on a cream cheese lined bun. That hot dog (or "street meat" as we called it) is what the dreams of drunk munchies are made of. Another time when preparing boxed mac & cheese, I realized I had ran out of butter--so I substituted cream cheese in lieu. That substitution changed my life, I now won't make mac & cheese without it. Not to mention you only need half the amount of butter needed.

Now aside salmon in a sushi roll, cream cheese is taking over the world. From the origins of France to production in Philadelphia to my stomach, I invite you to be experimental with your cream cheese options. Point blank: I love it.

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