Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life: Changing the way I think about food


New Year's Resolutions are all about taking the time to better yourself. However, I like many people have never stuck to a single resolution. Like most of America, I resolve to: eat better, exercise more, and reach my goal weight. However, after many attempts, I have come to realize that it has nothing to do with the effort I put forward but the way I think about food.

I love ham, cheese, and sour patch kids. My mom ate prime rib 6 out of 7 days when she was pregnant with me. I was raised in an Irish, meat and potatoes household. I love candy and diet cola. However, these things were not feasible in a healthy lifestyle and I greatly needed to change the way I thought about food. 

I looked to documentaries on Netflix to help me understand our food industry. And it hit me, half of what I was eating wasn't really food. It was the wake-up call I needed and it made it so much easier to make a lifestyle choice of a whole-foods, plant based diet. For now, I'm starting with a  (mostly) raw diet and juicing as well. After two major allergic reactions in the past month, I'm hoping this will restart my system. I hope you'll join me on this journey and maybe learn something about yourself as well.

If you like me, need to change the way you think about food, I highly recommend these documentaries (all can be found on Netflix): 

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