Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart Garland

I'm attempting to decorate for Valentine's Day and really wanted to make a garland for our fireplace. I really liked the idea of the flutter hearts presented by Silhouette, but instead made the hearts three dimensional.

First, I duplicated the heart pattern six times on the Silhouette software. You don't need a silhouette to do this project! It can also be done by cutting numerous of the same shaped heart!

And cut onto my desired paper.

Using Mod Podge, I made the hearts three dimensional by adhering  a set of three together. And repeat. The string will go in between the two sets.

And repeat. I let them dry overnight.

Using hot glue, I lined up the hearts and glued the string between the two sets. Be sure to glue the string at the top of the heart, otherwise the hearts will hang up side down!

All in all, a cute garland to decorate for Valentine's Day!


  1. That is really really cute I love the 3-d hearts! Stopping in from Project Inspire/The Girl Creative!

  2. Super cute! I LOVE the 3D hearts!


  3. What a fun project! This will be on my list for next year!