Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY: Detox Bath

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I have been fighting a head cold for over a week now, and while many symptoms have subsided, I am still congested a week later. I read about a Detox Bath on Pinterest, and willing to try anything at this point, I figured it couldn't hurt.

While running a hot bath add 48 ounces (6 cups) of hydrogen peroxide and 2 ounces of ground ginger. Ground ginger came in containers measuring 0.8 ounces, so I didn't quite get the full 2 ounces in mine. I survived. Soak in the tub for 30 minutes, drinking lots of water during the process. If you're lucky, the boy may bring you a plate of strawberries while you are soaking!

While hot water opens your pores, hydrogen peroxide acts as both an anti-bacterial and an anti-viral. Ground ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. Mixed, the three flush toxins from your system.

I was the kind of kid that screamed when hydrogen peroxide was pulled out to treat cuts and scrapes, so, soaking in a tub of it with blisters on my toes and cuts from shaving was not entirely pleasant. However, the sinus headache I was fighting all day dissipated within the first five minutes of soaking. My injured hip and knee from a car accident earlier this summer, began to feel better, and are no longer as stiff.

I wouldn't say I turned into a "faucet" as described in the article for the bath, but I defiantly sweated the entire time, and continued to sweat afterwards. Be sure to tie your hair up, otherwise the hydrogen peroxide will make your hair lighter. Rinse off afterwards too, ground ginger tends to linger.

If symptoms persist, a detox bath may be taken up to three days in a row.

Happy soaking!

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