Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bow Tie Collar

 Today is National Bow Tie Day! Unfortunately I found out too late in the game, but I was able to put together a collar cover for the family dog, Seamus.

What you will need is:
  • fabric cut 1 inch by 5 inches for the bow knot
  • fabric cut 3.5 inches by 3 inches (two pieces) for the bow
  • fabric cut 13 inches by 3 inches for the collar cover
  • fabric scissors
  • coordinating thread
  • a sweet dog
First to make the knot of the bow.

Fold and press the fabric length wise down the middle to create a crease.

Fold in the edges of the fabric to meet the crease in the middle and press.

With the rough edges on the outside, for the fabric in half and sew a seam. Cut off the excess and fold the fabric right side out, so that you have created a loop.

To make the bow: sew both pieces of the fabric together on three sides. Turn the fabric right side out and sew the last side closed. Cut off the excess close to the seam. Scrunch up one end of the bow and slide it through the hole to create the finished bow.

For the collar cover: hem the width edges so keep them from fraying. Fold the fabric lengthwise with the hems shown up and sew the length. Turn the collar cover right side out to create a tube.

Sew the back of the bow knot to one end of the collar cover, so that when slipped onto the collar of the dog, the bow is in front with the tags.

There you have it, a sweet bow tie for a sweet pup!

If you don't wish to make one yourself, I'd be happy to make a bow tie for your pet, to dress up any occasion! Visit me on Etsy for more information!

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