Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dog Collar Cover: DIY

I get tired of the boring black collar on my pups, so instead I have created a collar cover for them. It is super easy to make from a remnant of fabric.

First, measure the length and the width of the original collar. Add an inch to the length, to allow for a hem. Double the width (added up to the nearest inch) and add a half an inch to the measurement to allow for a hem. Therefore, since the original length was 12 inches and the width was 3/4 inch, the fabric was cut 13 inches by 2.5 inches.

Hem both width edges down. With the fabric pattern desired down, fold the fabric lengthwise and hem to create a tube.

 Turn the fabric tube right-side-out. Slide the collar through the tube, making the hum-drum more festive!

These can easily be customized dependent on holidays and celebrations, all it needs is a switch of fabric!



Cost: $1.50 Time: 15 minutes for 2 collar covers

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